About Us

Asia M&A Partner Company Limited seeks to emphasize the benefits of the merger and acquisition approach for businesses. We invite companies to come onboard and take their challenges further with us.



Asia M&A Partner was established in March 2019 by a Japanese CEO/Founder, Mr. Yusuke Okuno. We operate as a subsidiary of Asian Mergers & Acquisition Links, based in Philippine.

We are a boutique investment bank with a vision to guide businesses and corporations and assist them with merging and acquiring companies for the benefit of growing their business and obtaining opportunities in new industries.

AMAP clients receive our utmost commitment and professional services. Apart from our financial consultancy services, we additionally offer the following:

  • Strategy Development
  • Corporate Evaluation
  • Financial Consultation
  • Pre- & Post-merger Evaluation
  • Due Diligence

AMAP connects different companies worldwide in a seamless fashion, and offers consultancy services to clients in order to assist them with their M&A needs from start to completion. Following a thorough assessment and evaluation of clients’ specific requirements, AMAP examines companies with similar corporate objectives involving M&A transactions.

AMAP takes a broad approach to due diligence as opposed to other accounting firms. We see the broad scope focusing on the whole M&A package.

Our duties include:

  • Obtaining Clients
  • Familiarizing Clients with M&A
  • Negotiation for Evaluations
  • All Necessary Works

AMAP seeks to positively impact clients’ corporate endeavors by obtaining immediate returns through continuous uninterrupted business transactions in order to implement long term goals and advantages.


Yusuke Okuno possesses a vision of limitless M&A potential for Thailand. He aspires to draw in substantial number of foreign investors to invest in Thai companies and in reverse, attract leading Thai firms and investors abroad. Yusuke is positive that M&A in will have a bright future ahead in the Thai economy.

Despite being a young firm, AMAP operations is ever expanding. We aspire to become the No.1 M&A firm in Thailand and one of the leaders in Asia with over 100 employees in the next five years.

AMAP is situated in Asoke with its spacious, modern office and facilities.


Mr. Okuno is a graduate from Osaka University with a major in Environmental Engineering. During his time at KPMG AZSA LLC, he was responsible for wide-ranging client solutions such as auditing, M&A related services, and accounting advisory services for large Japanese companies with multi accounting standards and those that are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. While at KPMG Taiwan, 

Mr. Okuno supported numerous Taiwan based Japanese companies by advising them on matters relating to accounting, tax, regulation, and law. Additionally he played a crucial role in facilitating the expansion of Japanese firms in Taiwan. Later in his tenure at KPMG AZSA LLC, he oversaw M&A related services and focused on Due Diligence, CF Modeling, Structuring and SPA involving both domestic and cross-border deals.

Mr. Okuno holds a Japanese CPA license.



We aim to establish ourselves as the #1 M&A company in Thailand and as one of the leading firms in Asia. AMAP strives to be the pioneer of M&A transactions for mega-projects across diverse industries. In addition, we aspire to become the voice of authority and insight of the global market, and become allies of businesses who look to expand and acquire new investments.


We strive to be at the forefront and take initiative in bridging Thai and international business and corporation into a well-diversified industry. With our deep insight of the global market, we are ready to take on the challenges of assisting companies looking to grow their business or invest in potential opportunities.

Doing the Right Thing, at the Right Time!